Dusk Education Group Ramping Up

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Las Vegas, NV — Dusk Education Group, a TRGM Holdings component organization, is finally beginning to map out its operational foundations. Tentatively set for initial launch in 2018 the group will focus on developing instructional content and management services for client educational institutions.

At present Dusk will be focused on originating content for 2017 and beginning identification of potential locations for content deployment services.


Whorde Worldbuilders Seeks to Expand in 2017

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Las Vegas, NV — Whorde Worldbuilders, a TRGM Holdings component organization focused on long form content development for various clients, is seeking to double the total projects delivered in 2017 based on 2016 deliverables. In order to meet this goal Whorde will be seeking a new Account Executive to support business development in 2017 and beyond.

BLGM Reserve Estate on Target

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Las Vegas, NV — BLGM Reserve Estate, a TRGM Holdings component operation, is presently on target to meet production goals set in April 2016.

The first year content development goals of 52 titles are set for completion by the end of April 2017. BLGM will begin coordinating Look Book development, in-depth reviews, and first tier promotional campaign which is presently being coordinated for Autumn 2017. Review copies may be requested directly from BLGM at